Second Class Cinema: The B-Movie Experience

Episode 68 - INhuMANity (2001)

February 8, 2016

This episode was a close call folks.  It was Tom's pick this week and he almost had to do this whole episode by himself. We watched the crimer/thriller movie "Inhumanity" from 2001 that Tom procured at the Bargain City Galleria! What's unfortunate about this situation is, it's typically best if the listener has watched the movie before listening OR that there's some interest in the movie at all before listening to the episode, and sadly neither are the case for this particular endeavor. I honestly don't know how you'd get a copy because it sure isn't worth the investment, nor would I assume anyone outside of the filmmakers family has seen this movie. But gosh darnit if it isn't our job to watch and immediately discuss. So we did.

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