Episode 12 - Girlfriend From Hell (1989)

January 25, 2015

On the last episode before we announce next month being Cult Month!..  We dig in to Brittany's selection 1989's Girlfriend From Hell. There's something about 1989 that just make me feel like a shimmering pile of glitter.  Ya know?  


Episode 11 - Deadly Prey (1987)

January 19, 2015

We discuss Dennis' selection, the 1987 Action movie Deadly Prey.  Mike Danton was the best in Vietnam and by golly he's going to prove to you that he still is... The best.


Episode 10 - Robo Vampire (1988)

January 12, 2015

Erik selects the 1988 Godfrey Ho movie "Robo Vampire".


Episode 9 - Party Crasher (1995)

January 7, 2015

On this episode Tom selects the 1995 birthday slasher movie "Party Crasher" and puts it up for discussion.  LSD, PCP, YOU AND ME!  Seriously though we'll take the PCP... and Big Macs.


Episode 8 - Flesh Eating Mothers (1989)

January 1, 2015

Flesh eating? Check.  Mothers? Check.  Yup that's really all we needed for Brittany's pick, 1989's (or 1991's) Flesh Eating Mothers!  This particular movie hit each one of us just a little differently.